Your Enemies will See your Uprising: The Table is SET! God is Vindicating YOU!

The God of vindication is coming to your rescue, the God of vindication is going to put your enemies to open shame. God has prepared a table and some versions say “feast” in the presence of your enemies. God is humbling your enemies, so when your enemies fall do not rejoice. Pray for them, it’s going to be a sad day for them because how they treated you determined their next season. Their own words spoken against you will be their downfall., they thought they were mocking you BUT they were mocking God. Your enemies made themselves an enemy to God. God saw everything they did, every lie they told to make themselves look good. God saw them steal, hurt, and abuse you; He saw them planning your demise. They tried to destroy you in secret but God! The God of Judgement has come to your rescue and restore you. God is blessing you in the face of those that thought you would never get back up. Many will be shocked, wowed how God vindicates you. Many will say, “how” he got that, how is she so blessed? It is time the Davids’ and Josephs’ take their place. God is vindicating your names, your ministry, and your finances. 

Dishonor and promotion go hand and hand. A lot of leaders are being dishonored, talked about, lied on but God is vindicating and rewarding you for staying in position and having the right response. Your hearts have not become harden towards His people. You’ve passed the test! However, for some pastors and leaders, you’re experiencing dishonor because you’ve dishonored my sent one(s). I sent people even Apostolic leaders to your house and you looked on the outward appearance, like David they didn’t look the part and you judged them prematurely. As for you leaders, you are simply reaping what you’ve sown. You’ve sown dishonor and now you’re experiencing dishonor; so, you may not be as honorable as you think you are. 

A message to the sent ones: Those that dishonored you will try to claim you. Some will try to claim you saying, “I taught them the prophetic.” Knowing they rejected you. God is going to shut it down; they will not steal God’s glory concerning your life. I must add this bit of wisdom, just because they dishonored you in one doesn’t mean they’ll dishonor you in this season, people change. Don’t hold people in a box. I’ve learned not to have a personal opinion about anything, I simply say, “Lord, whatever you say it is, it is about you know ALL things.

Psalm 23:5; Psalm 105:15; Matthew 5:44; Ezekiel 36:36

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