God is Doing the Impossible: An Unusual Deliverance! 

God is saying, “Many of My children are in the right situation, trial, hardship to see My glory and My Mighty Hand. I have divinely set them up. I would not deliver them before because it wasn’t the appointed time. My timing is perfect, they will see My Hand at work for them. They will see My Heart was always to do good and not evil towards them. They will understand the “why”. They will be blown away by My goodness because it is TIME!”

Let’s take a look at Joseph, he wanted the cupbearer to mention him to the pharaoh but if Joseph was free from prison, he still would have been a slave. Just another slave in pharaoh’s house or someone’s house. Joseph would not have been second in command over an entire nation deliverer of God’s people. At times, we think too small when BIG is on God’s heart and mind (for us). God has set you up for the greatest comeback, deliverance, and outcome you’ve never imagined. When it seems like it’s the worst, that’s when He comes in and saves the day. Get ready to see God in a brand-new way. God is going to show you how much He loves you personally. This deliverance is not going to make sense, it’s going to be unusual. God wants you to get out of your head and get into faith. It’s not going to make sense. When God delivered the children of Israel, He didn’t send an army, no He sent a studding man and his brother, OH and a stick! They faced the Red Sea, their enemies pursued them, He parted the Red Sea, they walked on dry ground and then caused their enemies to drown. God is doing the impossible! The walls of Jericho fell down with one shout. Abram and Sarah had a baby in their old age. Lazarus was rotting away in a grave BUT when God showed up Lazarus lived. Again, you’re in the perfect situation to see God’s glory. 

God loves proving people wrong! It doesn’t matter what the doctors say, if God told you, you were going to give birth to a child, then that’s what will happen. How else can He confound the wise? And some of you are asking “How can these things happen?”. The “how” doesn’t even matter. God is your “how”.  

Genesis 40:14

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