They will be JEALOUS of your Kingdom Marriage BUT what did God say?!

I saw established, powerful couples. They were assigned territories and these territories had their names on them. They were like GATEKEEPERS and BOTH were skilled in spiritual warfare! They had “special” warrior angels around them, they were highly protected because some were called to several mountains of influence. These Seven Mountains of Influence were transformed for the glory of God and countless souls came to Jesus Christ. Even, the children produced through these unions were very powerful and even walking in their callings at a very young age and what touched or hindered their parents did NOT touch them. The Lord our God is establishing GREAT legacy for many.

God is addressing this so when the time comes, when jealousy and persecution comes, you will be ready to face it and overcome. What God has spoken to you MUST be more important than outside voices. The enemy will try to bring lies, discouragement, doubt and confusion. Especially during your courtship period and even right after your wedding. People will try to bring up your past, lies, slander. People will DM (message) you about your future spouse. Family and friends may try to influence you saying, “I don’t think they’re good for you. Why her? Why him?” Some of you will conceive on your wedding night and people will think (and say) you got married because you were pregnant. I honestly believe God is going to use the jealousy, the gossip to bring you closer to Him and one another. Some of your mates are going to be shocked you stayed. You’re different because in their past they have heard people say, “I love you; I have your back, I’m graced for you!” But when a little gossip came, when all hell broke loose, when RECEIPTS appeared, they ran. So, some will be shocked like, “Wow, they stayed, nothing and no one could change their mind concerning me.” BUT this can only be accomplished when you know what GOD has said about you and your future spouse. You’re not going to let outside voices influence you. Their past won’t influence you. How many partners they had won’t influence you. ONLY what God says MATTERS! Do NOT let anyone (even yourself) talk you out of what God promised you.

So, prepare yourself no, some have been experiencing warfare in this area, it’s because your MANDATE, the power, the influence the Lord has entrusted to you. God has paired you to utterly destroy the Kingdom of Darkness. Some have waited along time BUT when you guys come together you are going to hit the ground running. Multiple births are going to happen. Many open doors because some doors require COVENANT! There’s another level of accountability that can’t come from your leaders because the real you are at home. And this accountability can’t come from your kids either. Again, some doors require covenant. Also, the Lord showed me in a vision as I was praying for the men of God, some were on a hamster wheel, working and grinding in their own strength. They were getting tired, they will soon cry out to God and God is going to let them know, “You need your wife.” Some of you are going to solve a lot of problems for your husband (and vice versa) because you’re a helper.

People will also be jealous of what you BOTH accomplish. What took others ten, twenty, thirty years, you will accomplish in a year, even six months because God is redeeming the time and speaking on your behalf. I believe the Lord is addressing the fear of man. The fear of man MUST die. Some of you do not care what people say, people can talk about you and you sleep like a baby. Unbothered. I must say, you cannot step into the promises of God while fearing man. Some people will not be happy for you and you have to make peace with that. Jealousy is a blessing blocker, so they are hindering themselves, how sad is that. God is also seeing how we react. So, don’t throw hands, no need to fight because I am the type of woman that won’t tolerate anyone disrespecting my husband. However, God wants you both to focus on what He called you to do. To focus on the BIGGER picture and let God speak for you. Now, this will cause you to fast, pray but what’s being produced from it will astound, change and shift nations and impact many generations. So only what God says matters. I’m praying for your clarity, discernment and wise counsel.

Genesis 2:21-22; Isaiah 54:17; Genesis 2:18-25

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