God is getting rid of the OLD, whether you like or NOT! Receive the NEW! Are you READY?

Being open and transparent I must say, the beginning of the year is pretty hard for me, my mom died on January 8th. I was also in a car accident on January 7th. We both walked away from the accident fine, I just a little sore. The night of the accident I declared something good is about to happen and rested. Later, the Lord said to me, “Shock & AWE 2021. Now this whole time I did not want a new car, I wanted them to fix my (old) car. Two days later, I went to the tow yard to retrieve my stuff out of the car and my tag. My car still cranked up! I was so excited and shouted, “My BETSY is still alive, they better fix my car!” I did not realize the deep sentimental value I had concerning that car. I traveled everywhere in that car; I took people to church in that car. No matter how many trips I had to take. Yep, I was the church van without the van lol! I was homeless in that car. I remember crying to God, “Lord, I have no where to worship you.” Like a car wasn’t good enough to worship God in. And He said to me, “Wherever you are My Sanctuary will always be.” I remember men coming out of nowhere offering to take care of me, offering money…homes. I told the Lord in that car, “I’ll rather sleep in my car than prostitute myself.” I’ve never been a gold digger BUT what you do under pressure shows who you really are. Please know I am not throwing shade on others that have, this is just my personal testimony.  So, I slept in that car until God open a door for me to stay with an amazing couple.

This has nothing to do with a poverty mindset, the blessed me to create multiple streams of income and investing. I realized it was not the car, t was the experience(s), the memories I had in the car that made the car so valuable. My ISSUE was more than letting go of the car BUT what I went through and endure having the car. I did not want to get rid of my car BUT what is it you’re not willing to get rid of? Relationship, job, friendship, location, ministry? God is causing people to leave you because you couldn’t walk away! So, think it not strange when people leave, don’t be offended or upset God knows what He’s doing. And for some of you, the Lord is sick and tried of leeches sucking you dry, they’re draining the life out of you. Draining your finances, energy. Sadly, some people think you’re only called to them. God is cleaning out the old, He’s making room for God ordained spouse, those divine connections and helpers. Please do not fight Him on this He desires to do great things for you!

We must remember, it’s not what it looks like, issues did come up. The rental company tried to stick me with a huge bill while constantly sending me the wrong paperwork. However, it all worked out for my good (Romans 8:28). Do not focus on what it looks like. I was so inconvenienced having to reschedule my cases etc. but sometimes there’s a blessing in your inconvenience.

Scripture: Isaiah 43:18-19; Romans 8:28

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