Overlooked for Such a Time as This! The Least likely Shall Reign!

When I heard these words I immediately thought of the scriptures and recalled the lives of Esther, Joseph and even Jesus. Nathanael even said, “Can anything good come from Nazareth (John 1:46)?” And some only saw Him as the carpenter’s son (Matthew 13:55). However, the Lord brought me to the life of David and how David was not even thought of. He was not invited to the party BUT still anointed King. I heard the Lord, say, “Overlooked for such a time as this, the least likely shall reign. I’ve made you a sign and a wonder. You were hidden in plain sight for a reason and NOW your life will testify of My Goodness! In this season, the least likely shall reign. Now, this is not about selfish and vain glory but its about the kingdom of God, the saving of countless souls; its about Jesus being lifted up all men be drawn to Him. We’re just vessel. And some of you have been experiencing separation, people walking out of your life but everybody can’t go! I’ll say it one more time, “everybody can’t go”. God has separated you for promotion.

Many of you will experience peace and joy because some of you have gone through and endured some hard things. Weeping may endure for a night but joy has come (Psalm 30:5). For some, your weapon in this season is rejoicing and praising God, staying in expectation because breakthrough has come. Continue to decree and declare what God has spoken over your life not what you see and not how you feel. If your feelings are not in alignment with what God has said it’s a lie, don’t let your feelings lie to you. So, lay aside the rejection, condemnation, unforgiveness which is a blessing blocker. Repent and forgive and even forgive yourself some have been holding on to sins they did many years ago. Forgive yourself and move on because you want nothing to hinder you in this season because His Power and Glory will clearly be seen in your life. Nothing you’ve gone through has disqualified you! Your life will testify of God’s goodness.

1 Corinthians 1:26-29; Esther 4:14: Psalm 30:5

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