Jaw Dropping RESTORATION: God has NOT forgotten YOU!

First, let us look at the meaning of “jaw dropping”. Jaw dropping means to cause great surprise; astonishment, breathtaking, amazing, stunning, shocking, impressive and amazement.

In this restoration, God is going to show that no weapon that was formed against you prospered and will NEVER prosper. You will see He’s given total victory in this jaw dropping restoration! The Lord said, “I Am blessing you even in a strange place and even at a time where it seems dark. I Am blessing you even around people that hate you. Nothing is going to stop me from blessing you! Nothing will stop me from restoring you. Every detail of your life is on my mind. Jaw dropping restoration has come, your lives will never be the same. You’re never going to see poverty, loneliness, hopelessness and drought ever again. Your bodies healed and restored, nothing you lost will be wasted. Recompense and payback has come. Never again, your latter days will be greater than your former days.”

Never again, you’ve passed your test many of you have pass countless test, even when you felt like God was silent, you held on to what He said. The Lord says, “Never again, jaw dropping restoration, I have not forgotten you.” Your joy and peace are being restored, receive it. He’s doing it now! Stay in expectation and focus on what God has said, no more distractions, we really have to stop falling for the same tricks of the enemy. Stay focus because God is changing your entire life and giving you a whole NEW life. Many of you are going to change your entire bloodline. I believe the Lord is addressing some of your fears and He says, “Never again.” We love to talk about the suffering of Joseph and Job not realizing after God delivered and restored them, they NEVER went through those things ever again. Your restoration is so personal to God! The bible states, “And the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will HIMSELF restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast, some versions say, “establish you” (1Peter 5:10).

Joel 2:25-26; 1Peter 5:10

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