Transitioning into GREATNESS! It’s Time to Fly: From Pit to Palace!

The Lord says, “Many of you are in the greatest transition of your life! So, keep your eyes on Me, not what’s going on in the world or even the attacks and schemes off the enemy, it’s only a distract you. I need you focus in this hour. Many of you are being promoted to the palace. Now is the time to be courageous! Now is the time to rejoice and see My Hand at work for you.”

We must remember the whole purpose of God transitioning us, is to take us from one place to another. I must note transition is not the easiest experience. Some of you are experiencing heaviness, opposition, depression, psychological warfare, confusion concerning your “next” step and the enemy sending false dreams. Some are questioning yourself, “Maybe I didn’t hear God correctly because of all this warfare showing up.” The enemy is bringing old habits, he telling you “nothing is changing”. I really believe the enemy is roaming like a lion seeking whom he may devour. There has been an all-out war against your promise but it’s really not about you, it’s about God using you to destroy the kingdom of darkness. The fight is for new territory. The enemy is sending like a mirage, an illustration, this is why the Lord said, “Focus on Me, keep your eyes on Me! It’s time to seize your destiny, your inheritance, we must continue to march forth and focus on the bigger picture.

Everyone’s transition is not the same. Some are stepping into new mantles and offices. Many are transitioning from lack to overflow. Some may even have to move to another region, state like me. It could be a new job, starting a business, planting a church in a new city. For some a new relationship, a few of you have not been on a date in years, you’re nerve and not knowing what to do. I must add, new anointings come with new responsibilities. Transition always seems to feel vulnerable, scary and that is why God is telling us to be courageous.

God is destroying our comfort zones and teaching us how to fly. Just like the eagle, the mother takes away the comfort of the nest by stirring the nest and allowing the thorns and brittles to come in. Not only that the mother takes the eaglet up and drops them, this happens several times but like God she catches them. The eaglets start to use muscles they never used before, they become strong. This process seems a bit cruel but it’s an act of love because the mother refuses to let them die in the nest. She wants them to fly and experience life on a whole new level and not bound to limitations (the nest). I know a light bulb went off thinking, “Wow, God you’ve been teaching and equipping me the entire time.” God has taught some of you how to forgive quickly, to love your enemies, teaching us to be grateful and content in whatever state we are in. Teaching us, no weapon formed against you will prosper. We must understand perspective is key at this time. God is not against you; He’s teaching you how to fly. God is never not teaching and preparing us for our destiny.

Again, you’re transitioning into greatness, it’s time to fly. It’s time to be all you were predestined and chosen to be. This transition is life changing, please focus on the bigger picture. Keep your eyes on Him and you will soar. You will see God’s Mighty Hand; this is going to change the way you see God! You’re never going to doubt Him ever again. You will be fully persuaded and confident in your God.

Joshua 1:9; Psalm 32:8; Proverbs 3:5-6; Deuteronomy 32:11-12

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