Jealousy, Will You Be Hated for Me? Vindication & Promotion

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Many of us are stepping into a season where we cannot hide the blessings of God over our lives but with such promotion; jealousy, persecution, and slander will come. Some of you have already experienced some level of this, but for the new season, God wants us prepared. Many of you are stepping into a wealth transfer, and people are going to persecute you for the wealth God gives you. We sing and dance about the upcoming wealth transfer but then persecute the people God gives wealth to, which makes no sense. Even concerning your marital status. Some people will not like your kingdom spouse, so prepare to get DMs, messages, and calls suggesting you not marry them. Of course, I am not talking about walking in ignorance or avoiding wise counsel. I am talking about walking in wisdom with what the Lord has told you about your spouse. Others will be persecuted for standing for the gospel and speaking the truth (in love). Yes, standing for the truth will get you persecuted. If the Bible calls it a sin, then it’s a sin, end of discussion.

Regardless of what some will be persecuted for, the Lord is with us. And like Job, Joseph, David, and Esther, the Lord has vindication and promotion on His mind. Remember, that before the trial began, God had promotion on His mind. We tend to forget, “To much is given much is required.” Some love the blessings of the anointing yet despise the cost of the anointing. This book will also discuss why God allows persecution and the importance of destroying the “fear of man” because if the fear of man does not die, we will always be bound. This book also shares visions, dreams, and revelations from the Lord that will skyrocket one’s faith and produce growth and results.